A Little About Jamie…



I’m the author of the literary collection “Three Stories and Some Poems.” I love writing, blogging, and song writing.

I’m the owner of The Grove Oak Store.. self appointed mayor, COO of Buck’s Pocket, the first woman to ever be on DeKalb County’s Parks Board and Social Media Manager for our only county park, High Falls County Park-Grove Oak, AL, co-owner of RiverBank Productions.

As Dekalb County Board member, along with the rest of the board, I oversaw the building of a new Community Center at High Falls, organize a yearly festival, and implement park improvements year round.

As self-appointed mayor, I have brought commerce back to my deserted hometown by opening the only store. I bring the arts to the community, have opened a public library, preserved our local history in a museum. I have lobbied to replace the missing Trail of Tears markers in town, spoken with the governor of Alabama, and our state representatives on the town’s behalf. I have made attempts at addressing safety concerns in town and continue to pursue completion.

As COO of Buck’s Pocket, I try to keep tabs on the Federal Grant monies earmarked for our town’s state park, endorsed the passage of State Amendment 2 to help protect park funds, and work daily to protect the park lands, Indian caves, and visitors.

As co-owner of RiverBank productions, I’m totally interested in making some damn good music and telling the stories that need to be told through independent films.

Documentary film maker, “We The People.” We’ve put together an intimate documentary about the struggles of the Sioux Indians in North Dakota, the Dakota Access Pipeline and history of Native American mistreatment.

I have plans to release a cd pretty soon. It’ll be punk inspired, alt rock/alt country. “Native Americana” is sure to break some rules.

Some other stuff.

Jamie Godwin