Jamie Godwin


I’m the owner of The Grove Oak Store.. the first woman to ever be on DeKalb County’s Park Board. Our county park, High Falls, is located in Grove Oak, Alabama.

I won a leadership award from the local newspaper and the Knesset gave me a certificate of honour for my outstanding help and support.

I brought commerce back to my hometown by re-opening the long closed store. I made the expansion to include gasoline sales in 2019 for the community and in preparation for the tourists’ return to the area upon renovation completion at our local state park., Buck’s Pocket State Park.

I have preserved some of our local history in a Grove Oak museum and have lobbied to replace the missing Trail of Tears markers in town. I have spoken with our elected officials on the town’s behalf, and have made attempts at addressing safety concerns in town.

Despite my best efforts at reviving the local community watch, we are at a current standstill with the county Sheriff’s office. Our liason will not return my phone calls, so we utitlize a group on facebook mostly for our activity.

Currently, we are working on a business expansion to include off road diesel, get our roads fixed in town (attn:Ricky Harcrow) and helping to plan our first Bigfoot Festival in Bucks Pocket.

Jamie Godwin