I Went To The Woods

This past week has been amazing. We have made some progress on my little house. The wiring is almost completed and the electricity will be turned on Monday. Guess who crawled around on her back for a couple hours under the tiny house this week helping wire the house up. Me. Yep. I was sore for two days after that, but there is a certain amount of satisfaction involved in working to prepare your own house. The plumbing has been started. I have a bathtub now.

As far as the timetable for completion goes, I hope it will be ready to move in by the first of June. It may be sooner. But, as with any big project, it pays to be a little flexible and a lot patient.

We set up the camper in a State Park only 2 miles or so from the store I am opening this summer. They have incredible WiFi  here. I love the park, and always help the people who visit. Now, it is part of my job as Camp Hostess. I was given that wonderful title on Monday. I take pride in helping to keep the park clean and answer the various questions campers may ask about directions or where the closest gas station is. Ha.

My gas station/convenience store/coffee house/outdoor equipment store is starting to come together. Much work has been done, and there is still much work left to do.

We have a campfire most nights and are lulled to sleep at night by frogs and crickets. We wake up every morning to a symphony of birds chirping. I am getting used to living in a tiny space. The pop-up camper is small, but when I walk outside and breathe the fresh mountain air, totally surrounded by nature, it doesn’t feel small. It feels like the whole world is waiting for me.

I have met several people, I went on a trail ride like I used to in the old days (that made me sore for two days as well), have had time to work, write, relax, and reconnect.

Here in the final stretch of this undertaking of opening my own store I find myself in the darkness before the dawn holding onto the vision and my spark of madness praying that it will all come together and be beautiful.


Jamie Godwin

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. -Eleanor Roosevelt


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