Keepin’ it Real

Since my last post about fire and tiny living, relationships and love, my worlds seem to have grown. The world I have within, the world we live in, and the multiple words I have swirling out and into the future have come together in a way.

My life long love affair with music and making friends evolved recently into an opportunity into another world; the music world. My friend from Texas started a radio station, acquired a Nashville agent, and needed help producing the already set to be syndicated radio show, build more programming, and approve content. I informed my friend of my latest business venture of reopening my long closed hometown store and offered to help, as I could.

One topic led to the other and we spun out ideas for several shows, leading to an expansion of my involvement into Creative Producer of the whole station and part of the decision-making board. It’s a country station, American Crossroads Radio, on LIVE365. We launched a month ago, have experienced impressive reach on social media, and are currently in the top 40 of all the stations in the country genre.

A small town Alabama girl, minding her own business, working long days just accidentally made some sort of inroad into the music business. They want to broadcast from my store, tell about some of my life experiences, and are very pleased to have me on board. Just me, being me; doing my thing.

The station focuses on America, stories of the everyday nature, real made in America music, and I happen to be a real woman; maybe just right for this kind of position. I’m here at my store/studio and might as well give it whirl. Leaning heavily on my inherited attitude of “I’d hate to think I couldn’t…” may have “Jamied” radio.

If you have real stories of the real America, real life, or real advice, come to the Grove Oak Store and let me interview you.


I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way.

Jamie Godwin


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