Creative People

I went to TEDx Huntsville’s 2015 event this year and found myself amongst many like minded people. This event entitled “Dream Makers and Risk Takers” was an inspiring gathering of creative people and out of the box thinkers. It was nice to fit in. haha.

They had a display promoting energy efficiency and tiny houses with one tiny house on site. It was cool to see people promoting a way of life I have embraced. I introduced myself and told them of my tiny house and reviving the community project I have undertaken. They didn’t know anyone around was actually living tiny, so it was cool to surprise them by being the person who is doing the thing they talk about. From experience, I can say it’s pretty awesome and I realize I haven’t shared many pics of my tiny house lately and I should have. I’ll get to that soon.

We got to fly a super long helium balloon chain and listen to a talk on the idea birthed at a Burning Man event, which sounds right up my alley so I’ll try to attend one someday.

But to me, the most impressive speaker of all the impressive artists, entrepreneurs, and awesome people was Amy Robinson, an Alabama college drop-out now running a neuroscience organization recently spun out of MIT. One of her main talking points was to do things you love and are passionate about whether you get paid to do them or not. As a habitual volunteer, founder, trail-blazing woman, this hit home. I have been doing things for years with no pay because I loved it. I have built an impressive resume of no pay projects and I shared some of it here It’s a partial list and I’ll probably have to update it all the time but I think it’s important to make known my strengths in order to tackle bigger dreams. I don’t know what they are yet, but I’m sure they’ll come to me in time.

I have a new book, “The Music of the Stars” to publish in the next couple of days, a business to grow, and a curiosity to feed. I read an article this morning about how creative people are naturally good at entrepreneurship. I’ll put that here I found out that’s totally true. I wonder what life will have in store for me next…


Adventures await,

Jamie Godwin


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