The Bushel That Burned Down in Bama


I have spent the last two years of my life preparing the way and paving a new road for myself and my hometown. After purchasing the only, long-closed store in my hometown of Grove Oak, AL, I renovated the historic building and prepared a community to be revived. This project, the nearest and dearest endeavor to my heart, has been a rewarding, and at times, challenging experience. The lovely people of Grove Oak, my family and friends, whom I share so much history with, so much of myself with, has welcomed me back, and reconnected with me in a way that has affected the course of the rest of my life.

The opening of what is now The Grove Oak Store has become what I like to call the beating heart of Grove Oak; full of life and creation, pumping endlessly with the life blood of the community.

As a creative person, I have continued in my creative endeavors leading me to start my own radio show from the Store, with my own special brand of Jamie storytelling and southern grace.

Last week, this radio show being broadcasted out into the world via the internet picked up one listener, different than the rest. He was looking for a host to help launch an exciting new television show called “Bama Bounce.” This regional television show is about the people of Alabama; our spirit, our music, our festivals, our light. Mic, the fella with the dream and vision to pull it all together to benefit us all through the highlighting of our glorious people, saw something in me and offered me the position. And I have accepted.

As an adventurer, filled with Alabama down-home goodness, seeing that his plan to put our people; me and you, in a position for us to let our light shine, I am filled with hope. A hope for our state to be uplifted by the power of our own goodness, our own love of one another, and our unique family-oriented Southern lifestyle.

As I embark on this journey of hosting this visionary television show, I ask for your prayers that I am strong enough to do it, that everyone involved with the project be guided by our intent to showcase our lovely home in a way that will make us all Alabama Proud.

The amount of musical talent we have here in the Yellowhammer state all along the Tennessee River needs to be shown to the world. The world needs to see our lovely festivals, breath-taking natural beauty, and ALL that we have to offer. No more letting negative stereotypes put us in a negative light. We are going to tell the truth by telling our own story.

We will no longer hide our light under the bushel. I tried that, then the whole bushel caught fire and burned down around me.

We can and will let our light shine for the whole world to see.

Jamie Godwin





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