Adam Hood and the Foundation

Let’s talk music. Let’s talk Adam Hood and the country music community. Let’s talk about home, and the foundation.

I passed a field recently, and noticed an old home place from years ago with nothing left of the house but the cornerstone from the foundation. I also passed a house that had recently been burned, making the house unlivable. Basically, the fire had burned it all, save the foundation. Everybody knows that a house needs a good foundation to be built upon. I think this foundational point can be made when it comes to our own lives, our careers, and industries like the country music industry.

Adam Hood, the Opelika, Alabama-born songwriter and performer, came to Fort Payne, AL to play a show at the historic DeKalb Theatre in January. He is a rising star in the music world, shining his own beautiful brand of star light. Adam Hood is part of an elite group of talented folks involved with what I see as a reforming of country music. His good firm foundation of who he is and where he’s from, his pride in being from the South, mixed with a whole load of songwriting and performing talent is leading him to take over the country music world very soon. If you’ve never listened to his music, check him out over at his website


I was able to interview Adam Hood while he was in town. We sat down in the green room of the DeKalb Theatre and talked. It was a real conversation with one of the most genuine people I have ever come in contact with. He said there were a lot of musicians and people in the music world that are from the south, but you don’t see as many who “celebrate being southern.” And that “that’s kind of his goal in everything.”

That pride stood out to me. It rang of truth. He has a good foundation. Adam has built upon that foundation and is continuing to build. His lyrics speak of the south as a whole; he is able to put the spirit of the South in words, and that’s why we love him. Adam said he really enjoys writing, and has recently made a publishing deal in Nashville “with a guy name Dave Cobb.”

Dave Cobb, just a guy. I loved the way he said it. Dave Cobb is one of the coolest, most successful people set to basically take over Nashville, the music city-the foundation of country music- that has lost it way and is in need of putting back on a firm foundation. Dave Cobb, that guy, who is also caretaker of the historic RCA Studio A with preserving it’s history in mind as well as having a vision for the music industry’s future.

So, thank God for foundations strong enough to build on. My little hometown store foundation, Adam Hood’s southern foundation, and country music’s foundation that’s still alive and is getting built upon as we speak. It’s long past time for that foundation in Nashville to see some true building and Adam Hood is just the guy to take part in that.




Thanks to Adam Hood and The DeKalb Theatre.


Jamie Godwin

Three Stories and Some Poems



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