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Straight from the Hip


I walked out to the mailbox the other day to retrieve my assigned stack of bills and junk mail. When I opened the mailbox, I spied on the inside: a package. I love packages. I quickly ran in my store and opened it up with a hand-made Jesse Hemphill knife sitting on the counter. Jesse made me the knife and I have it sitting in the store as a display for now until I can expand the store into one of the premier places to get a knife in all of north Alabama.

When I got inside and opened the package it was a beautiful Hess Knifeworks knife, the Bird and Trout. Determined to try this well-designed knife, styled much like the Kinfolks 333, one of the rarest but most graceful of the Bird and Trouts, I put the sheath right on my Jamie Belt, no matter I was wearing painted on cut-offs. My pants started to sag a little since the cut-offs were from a pair of jeans I wore a year or two ago and were a little big and my belt equally as old and ill-fitting. The very first use for the new Bird and Trout knife was to make a new hole in my belt. After gathering in my breeches, I had successfully secured the knife right on my hip and wore it in the Grove Oak Store for three days.

Almost immediately, a man came in the store asking all about it. He eyed the well-crafted handle of the useful and brilliant straight back collectors knife.


I did use the knife in the aforementioned way, in the store opening boxes, and cutting flower stems.  Many people asked about it and I proudly showed it off. Apparently, though, the demand for the knife was more than expected and I did more than entertain an offer to purchase this beautiful Hess Knifeworks knife before I had the opportunity to clean any fish with it.

So, this knife review is only half complete. I have ordered another one and have learned perhaps the first and most important lesson of being a knife reviewer.


I’m Jamie. I’m the owner of the Grove Oak Store. I grew up playing in a shop and admiring my daddy’s knife collection right here in Grove Oak, Alabama. I’ve been collecting, carrying, trading, and even making a few knives ever since.


Jamie Godwin

The Hess Knifeworks Bird and Trout is made of 1095 steel and has a Lifetime Warranty… oh and an AWESOME sheath styled after a sheath made by Bob Loveless for his customs back in the 70s.

Get this Hess Knifeworks knife on Knives Ship Free. I’ll stock them in the store soon.





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