Girl Next Door

We all know the ‘girl next door’ to mean the kind, unassuming, honest girl who lives near-by. Maybe she was your sister’s friend or the girl you knew in school.

During WWII, American Propaganda often used her as a symbol of all things America. Notice, this dream-girl image was used, not the image of Rosie the Riveter. A certain men’s magazine also used this image to sell a number of magazines by portraying this woman as if she would be an efficient secretary.

I use this as my closing line on my hobby radio show to invoke my own sense of the small town American girl. Not only am I next door from most of our audience in Texas, but I am small town and American. Hey, I’m kind. But I like the image of Rosie too. I can pick up the hammer and work. There’s alot of women in the workforce. Even the women who stay at home with children will tell you: its work.

Why can’t the girl next door be smart? Why can’t the girl next door be tough? I think she can be. Why can’t our image of the American girl be strong, heroic, or independent?

Maybe it should be.




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