Balls and Business Sense

Ever heard a Jamie Godwin story?

Well, let me just tell you one.

When I was 9, way back before cellphones and computers, I had my first entrepreneurial idea.

You see, I love bouncy balls. And just so happen at the local K-Mart, there was one bouncy ball machine, like a gum ball machine. This magically defective bouncy ball machine accepted dimes instead of quarters.

Being a nine-year old with no job, this worked to my advantage, and I knew it. So I somehow located a dime, slid it into the slot and turned the crank. Excited to see what beautiful color bouncy ball I would receive, I opened up the lid and cupped my hand under it to catch the rubber ball before it dropped onto the floor and bounced right out the door into the parking lot.

Surprisingly, out came three bouncy balls! Three bouncy balls for a dime! That was my only dime but I vowed to try it again the very next time I went to K-Mart to see if that was just a fluke.

I saved up a few dimes because I mean what else is a nine-year old to do with their dimes? Then finally, one day we went on a 35 minutes car ride to guess where? Yep. The K-Mart.

I couldn’t wait to get through the check out lane to go to the lobby on the way out where the machines were located. I stuck a dime in and EUREKA! Out came two bouncy balls! I repeated this till I had all the bouncy balls my shirt tail could hold and ran out of dimes.

Back at the house, I saved the bouncy balls in my closet in a blue bucket. Waiting. They stayed there until just the right time.

Turns out the right time was when my brother had friends over. I instigated a bouncy ball war with several of my K-Mart bouncy balls, then ran back to my bucket while the older boys fought each other. They yelled and knocked over lamps while I sat in my closet by my bucket o balls.

After a few minutes, some of them had unfortunately ran out of balls to hurl back.

Enter Jamie, coincidentally, with a bucket of balls. Of which I sold to the friends of my brother for a quarter each. They needed balls to retaliate the oncoming fire of bouncy balls. Obviously.

After the Bouncy Ball War had ended. The teenage boys went on to do something else, while I gathered the bouncy balls that had been scattered and thrown all over the house. Able to retain most of my blue bucket of balls that I bought 2 or 3 for a dime and sold for a quarter.

It wasn’t until years later that I realized I was actually a nine-year old arms dealer. Eh, what are ya gonna do?

A few months ago when I took my boys bowling and just for fun thought I’d put a quarter in a bouncy ball machine. Would you believe I got 7 bouncy balls back? Seven balls for one quarter.  Luck does seem to be on my side.

I carry these seven bouncy balls around with me every where I go, in my purse.


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