Outer Space

I was having a discussion about space with my three sons. I wanted to make sure they knew about the NASA taking pictures at the event horizon a few days ago and talk about what amazing things might be found out by the data gathered. How the definition of planets might change, and the possibility of planets out there that could sustain life.

I said to them, “A black hole is a rip in the fabric of space and time.”

My youngest, 8-year-old Canaan, said “Like little Jimmy went through space and ripped it.” Little Jimmy is a mischievous boy character they tell stories about. Little Jimmy is always messing things up.

Then Canaan says “What if on the other side of the black hole there is a place with no time.”

Y’all, let that sink in.

We talked about how black holes are so dense not even light could escape them. B brought up the fact that whatever NASA sent to study the black hole could likely be torn to pieces.

I said, “True, that’s possible.” Then I said “Hey, what is the color black? Isn’t it all the colors combined?”

We all agreed that yes, that is what black is. So, I say “Instead then, of looking up at the night sky and thinking of it being filled with vast nothingness, let’s think of it as all the colors. All the colors combined.”

All the colors. Not void. Not colorless.

Think about that the next time you gaze up at the night sky.

We also talked about life-sustainable planets, and the possibility of them being out there, exactly what the meaning of “life” is, building on the previous discussion I blogged about how fire could be considered a living thing. See that here Tending the Fire

A and B had plenty to say about orbits and axis’ and temperature variations of some planets. How they didn’t really care about life on other planets as much as if human life could be sustained there and agreed that that was most important in the search.

Kids, aren’t they amazing?

Here’s my art piece I finished a few months ago “The Other Dimension.”


Can you figure it out? I’d love to hear what you have to say. Send me an email Jamielynngodwin@gmail.com.

Jamie G

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