A Light to Rule the Day

Art Explained

The first painting I created was thought of one night while I was writing my second novella. This piece titled “A Light to Rule the Day” focuses largely on the sun. The sun is a life giving tool that measures time for us. As you can see the sky is several shades and doesn’t indicate whether or not it is sunrise or sunset. This is purposefully done meaning to coincide with our human existence where early life is oftentimes similar to later life. The road is ones individual life and the confusing dead tree with green grass point to the changing seasons that continue but do not affect the sun, or the inescapable eventual death. The other trees represent the friends we lose along the way. In the far right, you see a building. This building would be a place of work, and is reminiscent of a tombstone.

A Light To Rule The Day By Jamie Godwin Brooks

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