Alabama Music


In the last couple of years living on this mountain, I have become well versed in the local music scene. Musicians are everywhere. Alabama has her share of talent sprouting from her land. If you know anything about music history or current music, you know that.

I sank my teeth into Fort Payne, AL some time ago, got to know some of the musicians around Sand Mountain and beyond. Showed up to their shows, introduced some of them on stage, introduced some of them on my radio show, even sang with a few.

I saw Rob Aldridge perform at the DeKalb Theater, a few months after interviewing Adam Hood there. These guys are great Alabama talents, then recently, Guntersville native Joe Cagle opened for a “Rob and the Proponents” show in Huntsville, AL.

I had met Joe, but had never seen him play, so I went to check him out. So old Joe has a really cool combination of “Mumford and Sons” meets Jim Morrison vibe about him on stage. They band was pretty young, made up of the aforementioned Joe Cagle, Jason Murphy, Lee Rosalie, and Jason Mann.

The song “Mountains and Moonshine” was like easy listening for the working man. An unusual combination they somehow pull off. Then later in the set when they played “Live 85” and it went from relaxed to kick ass. I have to say, he made a good showing for Guntersville. I could imagine hearing “So and so… on the radio. He needed a tip jar and some merch, but he had some good originals.  Definitely worth the trip.

Then of course the Robs took the stage. That is Rob Aldridge, lead man of “Rob and the Proponents” and his Steven Tyler-mouthed Rob Malone guitarist.. I didn’t catch the bass players name, he made some joke that didn’t pan out but he was alright.

So Rob Aldridge sat cross-legged on stage and duct taped his lyrics to a speaker like the pro he is, got up and they started rocking. People stopped drinking at the bar and walked up. Made me stop a minute and ask myself “Is this Muscle Shoals music from its Hey Day?”

Their new music is harder rocking and better than their last album “Anything and Everyone” that caught my attention when they opened for the SteelDrivers. Rob Malone’s hair cut is not the only thing that had changed.

Thanks for carrying on the legacy of the Shoals.

Rob Aldridge said he was “really proud of it.” That he and Rob Malone had been “thinking about it (the new album) for a long time.” And I could tell.

I got a lot more to say about Alabama music, its talent, the venues. I actually have blog posts brewing that include an idea for Fort Payne’s alcohol scene, a story about John Wilcox, and the Lake City.

Thank ya, Thank ya,

Jamie Godwin


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