As She Lay Dying



Maw grew up around here. She had seen a lot. She had lived a life and was one of the strongest and meanest women I have ever known.

As She Lay Dying…

It was after her stroke.

On Ancient Cherokee land.

Her own son, as she lay dying… planned how to make more out of her home. He had a strong love affair then. A love affair with money. Still does, I reckon.

He wouldn’t sit with her like the rest of his family. It would cost him too much to take a day off his commercial construction job.

Well, he decided to do some renovations to Maw’s old house to make it sell for more. You, for when she dies. Cause she’s going to. While Maw lay dying in the bed. She could hear the saws cutting her walls, she was forced to live the last months of her life knowing she’d lost control of her own house.

Maw was tired but she couldn’t rest from the sound of the hammers. If she had been able to run him out of the house with her cane, I believe she would’ve. Betrayed by blood. Damn shame it happens all too often with the Cherokee. Back in the day tho, it was punishable.

I was too young to do anything about what happened to Maw as she lay dying. The profit-maker had his way.

The profit maker is no longer my family. He betrayed his own mother. He’s betrayed me.

He’s Godwin in name only…


Jamie Godwin







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