As a child of 1982, I’ve just been classified as a Xennial. If you were born during the original Star Wars Trilogy release 1977-1983, you’re one too.

Read this article on Xennials

I reckon its spot on. I’ve never considered myself as part of Gen X and as one of the oldest of what was considered the Millenials, have always felt the need to step up and be a leader. I think many of this small micro-generation probably feel the same way.

We can see clearly the differences in the generations previous to us and the one following us. I defend those Millennials all the time. I can identify with them, with their struggle. Yep, I said struggle.

Boomers and Gen X just wanna call Millennials lazy. I find it so odd that they can’t see that Millennials have grown up in a different time than them.  Opportunities aren’t the same as they once were. The economy, the great recession, the housing bubble burst, and other factors such as national debt, ect, have led us to a time where we are inheriting a broken society that we have to fix.

Why would we be happy about inheriting a world where conditions are worse, not better, than the previous generation? That means there’s a lot of work to do. While we’re out here trying to make it better, we’re continually being put down and called lazy for dreaming of a better world, not only for us but for our children.

WE bridge the gap and we’ve got a heavy load.

As one Xennial, with both the Generation X cynicism and the Millennial optimism and drive, we can do it, we have to.

Jamie Godwin


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