State of the Region

I’d like to call this address a state of northeast Alabama:
“The Little Smokies”
Dekalb Tourism could do a lot more. And instead of only focusing on Fort Payne’s multi-year, completely dis-functional efforts of a nightlife scene riddled with self interest, ignorance, close-mindedness, and greed, we could stop doing the same old things that have been proven to fail.
I’d like to see the county turn wet, the state adopt a lottery, the drug problem on this mountain handled, obviously Buck’s Pocket State Park reopened, and more of an area wide approach given to our shared interests and benefit.
Like it or not, we are all connected to the larger Appalachian Chain. Its easy to open you eyes to a bigger picture and see just how stuck we are on our sinful racist past that we as a state are trying to prove our own holiness.
Get your head out of the sand, folks, and join me in the 21st century.
We can’t erase the past. Fort Payne, we can’t hide those underground cells for holding Cherokee, but we can tout Sequoyah.
The Encyclopedia of Alabama article is a short read and details our history as a region. The Cherokee Lands of Alabama have caves, waterfalls, lakes, and mountains, all God given, natural wonders we can highlight and share with the world. We can go from a small chain of segregated mountainous counties to our own Alabamian “Little Smokies.”
We need to stop acting like we’re in the Civil War, or the Civil Rights Era and be civil to one another and each other. The human rights of any Alabamian need not be ignored.

“State Creed: The official creed of Alabama was originally created for the Alabama Federation of Women’s Clubs and was written by Mrs. H. P. Thetford of Birmingham. It was officially adopted by the state legislature in 1953.

I believe in Alabama, a state dedicated to a faith in God and the enlightenment of mankind; to a democracy that safeguards the liberties of each citizen and to the conservation of her youth, her ideals, and her soil. I believe it is my duty to obey her laws, to respect her flag and to be alert to her needs and generous in my efforts to foster her advancement within the statehood of the world.”

But, hey, I’m just a nobody from nowhere. I’m not even legally a mayor.

Jamie Godwin


One thought on “State of the Region

  1. So right in all of your points !! I have allways said north east Alabama is Americas best kept secret !! The look out at Section is a prime excample . I live in Grove Oak in the oldest house in town .. I have been restoring it for two years now . Trying to save it integrity as much as possible . We need to do the same for our little area of the world !!!
    V/R Marshall

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