February, Hard Fought Winter

Oy, the month of February is almost over. Thank goodness it looks like we’re getting closer to Spring. It has been a hard fought winter and I’ll be glad to see it go.

My B had a birthday that was wonderfully celebrated with an indoor pool party. We are getting the recording studio ready to start rolling out some music, and my Grove Oak store is still holding on.

I don’t have as much time for writing as I would like but the necessities of life have been demanding.

I have several things in the works and hopefully, they’ll come through for me soon. I’d love to finish up the book I am writing but I have to sort out some details on how I’m going to end it first. I realize I am writing it piece mail and you guys get the raw, unedited version. Much unlike my other books when I presented a finished work. I’ll get to the editing as I am able.

I have intentions of starting the community watch program back for this little non incorporated town, but haven’t been able to bring myself to return to the Sheriff’s Department to go over the details. The last time I was there looking for help, my ex had me thrown in jail.

It’s funny how our past experiences shape us and make us who we are. I’d say its the same for everyone, every place, every industry. That may be why I’ve been called a preservationist for creating a Grove Oak museum, and preserving the Trail of Tears legacy here.

My Great Grandmother was Cherokee and survived the Trail. She was counted among the displaced nation out in Oklahoma, then moved back to this area. I don’t know if I’ll get a tribal membership or not. I don’t see myself moving out there to live on the reservation. I know the truth of it, I know the story, I know the history. That may be enough.

I’ve been thinking about doing a Grove Oak After Hours here in March. My friend Dallas Martin may want to help out. So, that’s cool. Dallas is a drummer I’ve known since high school. His family knows my family and all that.

If you know my daddy Wayne, his birthday is on St Patty’s day and that couldn’t be more fitting. I doubt he’ll come to the event though. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Birthday to him anyway.

I don’t even really know the number of songs I have helped write but I’ve picked out a few we’re recording.Β  Really, all I can do it take it one day at a time.


Jamie (sup-planter) Lynn (Lake) Godwin (friend of God)

Fide et virtute

From Alabama (thicket clearer)




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