Documentary Release and Other

Dear Diary,

Life has been getting better.

The Grove Oak Store never had a St Patty’s Day event. Dallas never got in touch with me about it. But, something much better did work out since my last blog post. Laurie who runs Broken and Restored Furniture has rented a space in my store to sell her merchandise that is moving quickly. She is excited as am I and recently went to Louisiana to pick up some more things to put in here. Sales have started to increase, however no certain news to pass along about Buck’s Pocket State Park.

At RiverBank Productions, we released the second part of the documentary We The People Too. What an amazing experience I am honored to share with you all. Please watch this. We are doing some renovations to the kind-of historic farm house. Thank God the plumbing problems have all been handled. Not only have we recorded our in house musicians songs, but have started working with outside musicians at the new location and things are looking up. We’ve got big plans to vault the ceilings, add at least one room on, put down new flooring, consider another documentary, get the radio station started, ect. I’ve got a few ideas to throw out there.

I had a birthday April 15th! I watched all the Mad Max movies cause it was cold outside. Got a antique vanity. At thirty-six, I feel I’m quite the grown ass woman.

Wow, how time does fly! My boys are growing up. Asher is starting to drive a little on the farm. I am so amazed by them. They are literally my heart.

You know, I realized the other day I haven’t ever blogged about that physics idea I had a few years ago and secretly wove into my third novella, “The Music of the Stars.” Ooohhh, lala, Einstein… I’m gonna tackle that one in a couple weeks, probably. Got to keep on rolling.

Daddy Wayne gave me and the boys some fresh caught crappie that gave me the chance to try out my big folding filet knife. Worked like a charm and I haven’t ever had any better tasting fish. Not even from Emeril Lagasse’s kitchen.

Boys wanna go out to Texas soon, so I guess I’ll be planning a trip. we’ve settled on Austin. I haven’t been in years.

Asher called me a “woman of many colors” this morning and I don’t know how much nicer a compliment can even get.


Jamie Godwin

ps>>>>> Need photographer to take some new pics!




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