String Theory: Part One

Some days I am a little spicy.

As I was sitting at my desk, in Wetumpka, AL, I began to think upon an idea for a book. I was searching for something that would be different than my first two, and have a happy ending. This led me to a romantic comedy. The basic gist of a romantic comedy is usually the same. I study human nature and personalities in general and decided I could tell a story involving a relationship.

I have a certain love for Van Gogh and so admire his painting “Starry Night” with his before his time accurate depiction of turbulence in the night sky. Never mind the fact he painted it while in the insane asylum. Van Gogh was an INFP, like me. If you know about these personality traits, you will know that means Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving. 

So, I just thought it’d be cool to hide something like that in my book. I took a moment to think of something spacey and sat down to write. Einstein came to mind, specifically his String Theory. I figured if I’m gonna think on something, might as well be the theory of everything. Never mind the fact that I’m probably only as well educated as Bill Shakespeare and don’t have the scientific following like Bill Nye.

I had the basic idea the first night. It’s not really much, kind of piggy backs Einsteins theory. Goes along with it. I take no issue with his work on this theory. Maybe it just looks at the picture and strings it together. ha.

I titled the book, “The Music of the Stars” because I was studying music on my own and wanted to include the celestial recordings into the book somehow. Obviously, the sounds recorded in space are merely energy moving through the strings, much like the strings of a guitar or trampoline that the universe is made of. Duh.

I guess I’ll break this down into two pieces. This being the first.

Jamie Godwin


Physics stuff Part 2

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