Physics Stuff Part TWO


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In the book, “The Music of the Stars” Trent and Clair are the main characters. They are best friends who maintain a certain connection throughout their life. Even when they are apart. No matter where they are or what else is going on. They were connected by “heart strings.” However in the String theory community I know there are two camps. One saying that things are connected by these invisible strings and the other saying that the strings curve around objects in space. Honestly, either could be possible. Just like the way Trent and Clair are connected by their heart strings and could also be connected through the internet via a wireless signal through a computer or phone.

These characters hum the same song, they speak the same language. Independently, as if the two ends of a guitar string, they are on the same wave-length. Trent says they are made of the same stardust, even. Science also seems to go along with the thought that we are actually all made of stardust.

To continue in this, a star will explode and leave a black hole. For years we have all wondered what is on the other side of the event horizon. A hole in the fabric of space itself clearly indicates the string theory to be true, with the explosion quite literally tearing the strings from the violent amount of force. Think of it like a bowling ball, sitting on a trampoline or actually sewn into it, with a hidden stick of dynamite in it. When that dynamite blows up, its gonna rip the trampoline tarp. Guess what, that bowling ball all blown up ain’t gonna just jump back up the hole. Gravity pulls it down, it can not escape. Like a black hole in the universe.

Theoretically, on the other side is another dimension. This is where our Creator is. The other heavens that we can’t get to. That’s where our spirit goes when we die. There’s a big vacuum in space. Where else could we go?


Physics Stuff Part 3

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