Do you ever notice coincidence? I love it when it happens to me.

My lawyer said a funny thing to me one day after a meeting we had to go over my divorce and subsequent court orders, “Be vanilla.”

Apparently, my spirited nature was showing and I needed to tone it down a notch. I admit to being a woman of many emotions. One might consider that “colorful.”

After Darren and I went into business together, we were discussing art. He had an image in his mind of something he used to draw as a kid. I tried to encourage him to paint it, seeing as how I think art expression to be a wonderful thing.

He did paint it one day. Strangest thing is when he brought it to my store/art studio The Grove Oak Store, when we noticed an amazing coincidence. We turned a painting I had done a couple of winters ago on its side. I was having dreams about colors at the time, kinda yearning for some color when I looked out the window at Lighter’s house and yard and painted this abstract.

Look at them both.ย winter in color


So, we decided that it was really cool and looked liked I painted the first person view of this Vivid character and Darren painted a third person view. It’s a woman diving in the water, hot like a meteor. She’s Vivid.

What do you think? Did we paint the same character? And, could that be me?

Cool coincidence, huh?

Jamie Godwin




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