Continued Fervor

The culmination of things weaving like the wind without much regard for direction is without doubt a wonder. A spinning compass, trusting in a guiding hand and the belief in honest power, paved the way to find true north.

I have just returned from a family vacation in the Cherokee Nation.

We visited the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina. Scattered all over were my favorite flower, the lily. This mountainous region is still home for the Cherokee and the tale of their survival is wonderfully told in the outdoor drama “Unto These Hills.” If you have never been, if you have never seen this place, please go.

This Eastern Band of Cherokee do not live on a reservation, though it is somewhat known as that. Actually, it is a land trust. The land was purchased by the Cherokee after the Indian Removal Act.

This mountainous region is exactly suitable for this mountainous people. Much like my home here in North Alabama, it is filled with rivers and streams, rocks and caves.

The beauty will not fade, it is eternal and not man-made.

My daddy Wayne never called himself a water protector, but that he is. Conservation and preservation is part of what we do, its part of who we are. I have reached out to join this Band of the Cherokee people as a legit tribal member. Although my existence does not depend on their approval or anyone else’s.

I read through some of my old blog posts last night before falling asleep in my loft. Technically, I live in a small house, not a tiny house and I realized I have written about that some over the years. It has had its ups and downs but has saved my ass a few times being that its paid for. I wanted to know if it was livable, if it was doable. It is. Native Americans used to live in teepees for goodness sake. It’s about average size for many countries, including Russia, China, Hong-Kong, Italy, The United Kingdom, and Sweden.

I have seen the trend grow and have seen some communities have used the idea to help house the homeless. I think that’s all wonderful. Each blog post is a little time capsule, the documentation of an individual’s experience in this time.

The journey to here has been well worth the living. What I can say is that if you have been watching, if you have been noticing the featured acts in my play, continue to watch and think of me when you hear  Jock Jams-“Yall Ready for This.” 

Continued fervor throughout,

Jamie Godwin



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