Magic Eraser

The house was always so dirty. That’s what I liked about it. The dog hair and dishes in the sink. Oh, there was water in the floor and trash over-flowing in the kitchen. A living dream to me and we only live once.

A chance to both watch the storm and study it in the dry. The rain never was good for me.

They spoke of an impending dooms day. I heard the rumors. I saw the children and flew into the corner.

I felt the looming weight of it and saw the strength. I chose to look away as she killed that snake. She’d seen worse than hell, and the dead she said, walked outside.

I dared them to break and went under the house. It was even better than inside but not as kind. OOhhhh the rain came and I was in love.. I was in over my head but in love. I was sick and I made everyone in the house sick. Love sick and sick-sick and plagued with disease in their eyes. I didn’t care. What is love anyway.

All was silent for about an hour.

In stammered the magic eraser. He threw his money at it. He begged and pleaded for mercy. The eraser had a dish rag and a nose ring but hiked up her skirt and got to work. Oh she came again and again. Killing the dream and erasing the dirt. The eraser was a professional. She had her own unnatural diseases streaming in and out her. I was already gone but I died anyway.




Jamie Godwin




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