Spirit: Physics Part 3

And in the forgotten about continuation of my Physics discussion….

In the Laws of Thermodynamics, energy can not be created nor destroyed. That’s kind of big in determining what happens to us when we die.

We are energy to a certain extent. Could the “spirit” I referred to in part two that goes through space and is sucked into another dimension via black holes be energy just being transferred from our dying body and mind? Yeah. It could.

To go along with this existing law, that I can not disprove, that energy is neither created nor destroyed.

What other thing have you ever heard about that neither had a beginning nor an end? God. Our Creator. Interesting, huh?

Science doesn’t have to fight faith. And faith doesn’t have to fight science.

Come on guys, we’re all on the same team. Or we should be.

Jamie Godwin

Owner of The Grove Oak Store

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