In the Future

In the future, it seemed like the present. Far, far away from the past.

Alan Bilderberg had a dream, but it wasn’t like a dream, it was a plan. It was an idea. He had an idea to help everyone, to keep them safe.

Alan worked on the prototype for months.

The crime rate was way up. Crime in the city had reached epic numbers. The number he worried about was the violent crime rate. Alan, an almost end of the scale introvert, just wanted to be left alone. He wasn’t a hypochondriac, per-se’.

With Alan’s new technology though, he knew he’d feel comfortable walking down the street.

Alan had created himself a bubble. Yep. An impenetrable bubble to stay inside like a force field. He’d be safe for sure and soon everyone could be.

This meeting with the investors would take Alan’s idea from phase one to widely available to the public. Alan couldn’t wait. He was so excited. I mean, he was also looking forward to being a millionaire as well. Who wouldn’t be?

It went exactly as planned. Alan’s project was rushed into production. Seems everyone was worried about getting killed, or raped, or stabbed, or robbed.

A couple of months passed and while Alan was sitting safely in his bubble, watching people in their safe bubbles at the park. He read the headlines on his phone and smiled satisfyingly to himself. The crime rate was down. His bank account was overflowing.

Now, the only people who were robbed, murdered, raped, and stabbed were those poor people. The ones without the money to buy a safety bubble.

A lady screamed down the street, he looked her direction. She didn’t have a bubble… He looked away.


Jamie Godwin

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