Layla was sitting in a circle around a fire with a couple of her friends, Donna and Raymond.

Raymond wasn’t a very good conversationalist and had bought a “Book of Questions” to help him along his way in life coming up with things to say. One of the questions in his book was “If you could have any power, what would it be?”

So, Raymond, not charismatic at all, and not comfortable with silence, asked the ladies the question.

Layla knew her answer right away. She spoke up quickly. “I’d be ambidextrous.”

Raymond’s face was shocked. He had already thought up his answer and ambidextrous seemed like a silly power to want, if you could have any power. He laughed a little.

Donna went on to say she’d love to be able to fly. She could imagine herself flying around everywhere, like Superman.

Raymond then divulged his masterful answer. He would choose to be omnipotent. He would know everything, like God. “To be all-knowing,” he said, with the strangest look in his eye.

Layla’s faced looked just as shocked as Raymond’s had when she answered. But she didn’t laugh. There was an awkwardness for a few minutes, then eventually they moved on to talking about someone and stirring the fire like a pot.

The next weekend, Layla, Donna, and Raymond decided to go out to eat together. It had been a while for them and Layla had steak on her mind.

Donna drove them all in her SUV, and found a place to park in the alley. The old restaurant was by the rail-road tracks. They always had local craft beers and fried moon-pies.

They sat in a booth and somehow the night seemed to last forever. Layla kept thinking about Raymond wanting to be like God, and Donna was starting to get on her nerves for not caring that Raymond was an idiot.

A few beers later and Layla couldn’t hold it back any longer.

She got up, out of the booth and punched Raymond right in the eye. She leaned into it and didn’t say a word.

Layla walked out of the restaurant and left Donna and Raymond with a black eye, the check, and one friend less.

She ended up having to use her left hand a lot over the next few weeks. Out of the group though, she was the only one who got the power they’d asked for. Silly or not, she’d grown used to writing with her left hand, cooking, almost anything with her left hand. Thanks, Raymond, she was now quite ambidextrous.


Jamie Godwin





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