I love stories. We, as people, are addicted to stories. My grandparents used to call the soap opera shows they watched “stories” when I was a child. We listen to songs, we watch TV, we read books. It’s all just stories. Varied stories, varied versions, varied story-telling methods. We tell ourselves stories in our sleep and call them dreams.

Francis Scott Key was a lawyer. He just also wrote about stuff he saw and did. We know him today though as the songwriter to our national anthem. He didn’t exactly do that alone. He took his amateur poem to a composer who adapted it to fit a different song. Key wanted to be a politician and was a big fan of slavery, but settled for the legacy of penning our national anthem. So whatever.

But that story made me look at songs differently. I’d never broken it down and considered just how easy that would be. I have been making up songs my whole life. I have been teaching my children in sing-song manner for a good fifteen years.

However, the more I looked into the ugly music machine business, the more I didn’t want to be a part of it. But, I understand better the whys and hows of our current state of disarray.

A portion of our society has a displaced view of life, partially because of our eternal love of a story. People claim violent video games can lead to violent behavior. I don’t know, we basically just play Mario games around here, but maybe. Can listening to songs or watching movies that teach bad things make you think about life in a skewed way? I’d say it’s probably as likely as video games affecting a person. So, I figured lets just put some better stuff in the machine, and get better stuff out.

But nah. That music business is too dirty. They do treat women poorly, they don’t just sing about it. Y’all know I don’t much care for being treated poorly..

During the #metoo movement women spoke out about being mistreated in the entertainment industry, not only in Hollywood but the entire industry.

What we also found out and had to face was that each individual woman isn’t alone. The mistreatment of women can be found in every industry and in every town. Basically every single woman has been through a version of sexual harassment or abuse.

I had a business idea not at all about music but involved the tourists of Nashville, that could have been an easy start-up but in all honesty, that million dollar idea is not even worth the hassle of dealing with that environment.

And it doesn’t matter what anybody thinks about the #metoo movement, because it already happened. We’ve already seen it. It has changed us, we will be changed forever, and we’ll change the world. Maybe we already have.

Jamie Godwin

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