Fade Away

A man from here served something like twenty years. He had gone after a rapist and beat him to death. He never tried to hide it and I was never afraid of him. He appreciated that I was keeping the home town alive.

So, he’d stop in and buy stuff when he was riding around. He’d tell stories of the old days, just trying to get a taste of the life he once knew, back before it all. Before he did his time.

He said he felt like he was going to fade away. He couldn’t believe he got old. That was one of the last times I saw him before he passed on.

According to our United States constitution, even the criminals are protected from cruel and unusual punishment. We shouldn’t want to see anyone tortured to death. It just ain’t right.

Our state motto is supposed to be “dare defend our rights” and our criminals are human too.

You probably even voted for some of them back when they were in office. We are going to have to let the Feds come in and fix it, as soon as possible. Like it or not, Alabama ain’t doing good.

Alabama 5th Most Federally Dependent

They used to call that dependency the “death spiral” about five years ago when I first noticed we were on it. I guess that was too hard to hear and offended the state’s delicate sensibilities.

We can’t keep doing the same thing over and over. It doesn’t work.


Jamie Godwin

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