Freedom and Slavery

Yesterday, my sons and I had a long discussion about our family tree. I think its very cool and works as a great teaching tool when it comes to learning about history.

The early colonial Americans caught Native Americans, caged them like Animals and shipped them overseas as slaves. This is a point of slavery not talked about so I like to cover it.

Here’s an article if you want to read more: Colonial Enslavement of Native Americans.

We talked about our ancestors, the Birds, whom were Blackfoot and the Sheltons, whom were Cherokee. The hardships of the times and so on. We’re seeking citizenship in both nations as part of our research.

I just think slavery is the worst and it is troubling how prevalent slavery of different forms is present throughout history and even current day.

There is still slavery in the traditional sense. And in other forms like gosh, slave to the job, slave to the past, slave to a ghost, slave to the man, the debt, the alcohol, the political party, whatever.

Watch out for those chains, they’ll get you.

Don’t we all yearn to breathe freely?

Go ahead, do it. 😉 Exercise your freedoms, cause you can.


Jamie Godwin


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