Wailing River

When I was first curious about the Alabama music industry, I had just met Rick Hall down in Montgomery. He wasn’t very nice, but was no doubt interesting. I found a string, and pulled it. I followed it. I went down the rabbit hole. It took me a few years, but I was waiting on an entrepreneurial venture to come together in my hometown and could sort of study on it.

But this post ain’t about Rick Hall.

I followed the trail to Muscle Shoals, after both reading the book “Shame to Fame” and watching the documentary. The doc more than the book spoke of the Tennessee River. My TN river? The river I grew up playing in? She sings?? Why didn’t I know this?

Cause in the Shoals when you’re in the music business, it benefits you if the Cherokee lady in the river sings. The music industry used to flourish in the Shoals. They still do some stuff over there but not like they used to. The real action now a days is in Nashville. So I pulled the string some more.

I reckon them fellas up there want you to sell them your soul or trade your body for a good turn. Nah. I don’t play that game. So, it is what it is. Turns out, ole Nashville is dumping tons of raw sewage in the river every day. Dirty as hell, just like I called it months ago.

Seems our rivers are sick.

I asked David Whiteside from the TN Riverkeeper about the TN River. He gave me a quote and it couldn’t have been better.

“Black or white, rich or poor, humble or noble all of these citizens share the river, and they all want clean water but unfortunately they’re being let down by a political process that’s been corrupted by these polluters and public servants who would rather defend the pollution than public health and their communities,” said Whiteside.

Whiteside is right. We all need water and deserve it. Water is life. The Sioux taught me to say Mni Wiconi.

I don’t know all the science behind it like Whiteside and y’all know as good as I do that a company, politician, or industry will lie and try to cover up the truth from being known if it will mean money or power to them. So, what do we do? It pains me to say, use your best judgment concerning our river. I’m admittedly more stubborn than most but the time has come where I feel we need to stress caution.

A quick google search revealed way back in 2007 the EPA released a report: EPA report

Said this about Nashville and area:

According to the investigation, each year Metro has been unlawfully discharging over 200 million gallons of untreated sewage and experiencing overflows of billions of gallons of combined sewage into the Cumberland River and its tributaries. This settlement will lead to the significant reduction of approximately 1.3 million pounds of pollutants per year.

So, ewwwwww…..

According to a 2018 WKRN news report that guy Taylor knows something about treating wastewater and the process but the report is vague on whether or not the problem has been taken care of. I know Nashvegas has had mayoral problems, I remember when that woman was removed from office, but seriously. Ewww..

Report here: WKRN

Then today I saw this nonsense report out of the Tennessee Tribune about moving a bunch of sewer sludge around the city. Hell, that’s nuts. What’s going on and who gives a damn about property values. Take care of your shit, Thomas Sheffield and people of the area. What’s That Smell?

But I don’t think the Cherokee lady in the river ever did sing, she just cried. There was a lot of them that cried, that’s why its called the Trail of Tears. Natives were murdered in the river. Maybe, you have to have heard a woman wailing before, crying out to God for help, strength, and protection to recognize it, or done it yourself.

Here in Alabama, we aren’t innocent. We pollute our river with micro-plastics. Apparently, the TN river is very polluted according to people who know things in Huntsville.

River of Plastic

That reporter told us about 3M agreeing to pay some money to help clean the water here. We’ve had Monsanto and the Anniston Army Depot that’s been trying to kill us for decades.

The Indian Removal Act was signed by Andrew Jackson on this day in 1830.

Andrew Jackson signs Indian Removal Act

I think I’ll sign the Jamie Godwin stop ruining everything Act today.

Jamie Godwin 2019

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