Road Repair Needs in Grove Oak Attn: Ricky Harcrow

For years and years and years we have been overlooked because of our size. Our roads have been neglected and our services cut. This treatment spans multiple county commissioners which is why we are asking the commision chairman to address this most purposeful neglect. Our citizens have been paying taxes and asking for proper road repair for too long.

We have had an open meeting and discussion. Our requests are as follows:

  • All of County Road 173 needs to be repaired. (Bucks Pocket)
  • County Road 144 is in disrepair. (High Falls)
  • All of County Road 356 be repaired.
  • County Road 393 and 396 washes out with every big rain. We need this addressed.
  • County Road 70 is awful. County Road 411 as well.
  • County Road 394 going to High Falls is in pieces.
  • County Road 403.
  • County Road 820 and 658,
  • County Road 702.
  • County Road 399 has a few potholes.
  • County Road 76 stinks.

WE are all aware that you do not care that we have to repair our vehicles due to your neglect. WE want you to take care of the duties of which you were elected. Our friends, families, visitors, school bus drivers, and postal workers all complain and are affected by this zipcode discrimination. Look it up, if you have internet access. 35975. Its called Grove Oak.

Despise not small things.

Jamie Godwin


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