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As She Lay Dying

  Maw grew up around here. She had seen a lot. She had lived a life and was one of the strongest and meanest women I have ever known. As She Lay Dying… It was after her stroke. On Ancient Cherokee land. Her own son, as she lay dying… planned how to make more out […]

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Alabama Music

In the last couple of years living on this mountain, I have become well versed in the local music scene. Musicians are everywhere. Alabama has her share of talent sprouting from her land. If you know anything about music history or current music, you know that. I sank my teeth into Fort Payne, AL some […]

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Rat Maze?

I have curly hair. It has always been a maze of spirals. I felt like “Baby” from “Dirty Dancing.” Kept it shoulder-length, and it bounced when I clogged. The girl with natural curly hair on “Charlie Brown” made me like having curly hair and I fluffed it up like she did. Seemed to me it […]

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Lady Liberty

Hey.  I wanted to take a minute and explain my recent art piece, “Lady Liberty.” She is made shiny and new along with the freedom she represents. The world around her is old and covered with patina. I am an idealist. Jamie Godwim    

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Abnormally Turbulent

    It was a spring day, abnormally turbulent. A storm system crept up the map like a lake monster and covered the tri-county area. I stopped to asked a neighbor if they needed help. It was clear they did. Their trailer had been hit. The place looked like a Wal-Mart junk yard. I don’t […]

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Story About a Chicken

  He was raised on a farm, and tilled the land. Working from sun up to sun down, one of those types. Taught by his mother to pray everyday. As a boy, they barely had enough. The garden was their bounty. The dust and dirt, he worked. At the age of fifteen, he fell off […]

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