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The American Cowboy

The last time I blogged it was about being your own cowboy, cause the real ones do not exist. I was being serious. The shame of it all is that they never existed as far as I can tell. We want to believe in this guy, we want to live in a world where these […]

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My Own Cowboy

When I sit down to write, sometimes I have a very clear vision of what I want to say. Sometimes, I just make it all up as a piece of fiction and slap a bow on it. This morning as I sit down, I have about a thousand topics I want to touch and mash […]

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There was a pastor of a church. He and his family lived down the street. Mr. Shank had three sons. You know what they say about preacher’s children and how wild they are. Well, this family was no exception. Some are, I suppose. The boys grew up to be men. They were used to a […]

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We Can Say Whatever We Want

  In response to the latest double down of the country music industry’s propping up of the pop country we hear all the time on the radio and “Florida Georgia Line”‘s new album about to come out “Can’t Say We Ain’t Country.” Read the article here if you want. Florida Georgia Line First of all, […]

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Writing, New Year, Art, Life

I may wear my pajama pants to work today. I’d rather not leave this house-place of business anyway. It’s cold and rainy. Its almost the beginning of a new year. I’m ecstatic to leave so many things from the previous couple of years behind. Winter, I guess, is a good time to let things die. […]

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How Do You Live

Yesterday was a full day. Took some papers to the bank to see if they’d give me a loan to put in gas at my store. The banker actually asked me “How do you live?” I told him worst case scenarios aren’t called that because they never happen. Now I wish I’d said “very well.” […]

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Four Letter Words

Niko agreed to go to church. She wasn’t used to it. Niko was ditched by her parents at a young age and was raised in a group home for unwanted children. She didn’t have many friends. She was curious, so she finally accepted the invitation. Her friend Mark had been trying to get her to […]

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