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Old Man in the Subway

I saw an old man at the Subway terminal. He appeared to be both blind and deaf. He was wandering around like a spinning wind up toy, only slower. I couldn’t tell if there was ,in fact, any method to his madness, at first. I hollared out at him, cause Lord, I didn’t want him […]

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Magic Eraser

The house was always so dirty. That’s what I liked about it. The dog hair and dishes in the sink. Oh, there was water in the floor and trash over-flowing in the kitchen. A living dream to me and we only live once. A chance to both watch the storm and study it in the […]

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  “The Lord of the Rings” movies basically are about these unlikely heroes, the hobbits. Yeah, they are smaller than most other characters and have weird feet but they have what it takes to do the job and save everybody. They leave their beloved Shire to carry a power ring clear across the world and […]

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Continued Fervor

The culmination of things weaving like the wind without much regard for direction is without doubt a wonder. A spinning compass, trusting in a guiding hand and the belief in honest power, paved the way to find true north. I have just returned from a family vacation in the Cherokee Nation. We visited the Great […]

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The Sting of Betrayal

Waiting for something to happen is just horrible. When certain things come into question, not things like juice preference or dinner dates, real things like love and loyalty, things you know but you don’t hardly know you know. Things you just think or see as a possibility. I feel its important to be aware of […]

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Do you ever notice coincidence? I love it when it happens to me. My lawyer said a funny thing to me one day after a meeting we had to go over my divorce and subsequent court orders, “Be vanilla.” Apparently, my spirited nature was showing and I needed to tone it down a notch. I […]

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