As a child of 1982, I’ve just been classified as a Xennial. If you were born during the original Star Wars Trilogy release 1977-1983, you’re one too. Read this article on Xennials I reckon its spot on. I’ve never considered myself as part of Gen X and as one of the oldest of […]

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Balls and Business Sense

Ever heard a Jamie Godwin story? Well, let me just tell you one. When I was 9, way back before cellphones and computers, I had my first entrepreneurial idea. You see, I love bouncy balls. And just so happen at the local K-Mart, there was one bouncy ball machine, like a gum ball┬ámachine. This magically […]

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Girl Next Door

We all know the ‘girl next door’ to mean the kind, unassuming, honest girl who lives near-by. Maybe she was your sister’s friend or the girl you knew in school. During WWII, American Propaganda often used her as a symbol of all things America. Notice, this dream-girl image was used, not the image of Rosie […]

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