I have acted as an advocate between the state of Alabama and the state of Israel, seeking out ways to foster better relations on the international scale. I have met with leaders in the state, both religious and political, and leaders from abroad. I have undertaken and won a campaign to put one of the most controversial subjects in the world, middle east relations, into a positive light for my chosen cause. I have led marches, hosted and helped care for Holocaust survivors, hosted international guests, met with leaders and generals to discuss international arrangements. I have received certificates of honor from the Israeli Knesset, awards from a worldwide not for profit organization, and helped raised funds for the Israel Leadership Institute. I founded an organization and was included in the state-wide leadership round table.

Disaster Relief

I have worked every aspect of disaster relief. I have held the most important to the most lowly positions concerning the handling of a natural crisis, both locally and in other states. I work well under pressure and in leadership positions. I commanded a team of eighty plus on a mobile disaster response mission for a national charity, working well with both private organizations, religious leaders, and volunteers.

I worked and led food drives to help the victims of tornado disasters, hurricanes, and Super Storm Sandy on a national level. I ran the booth for Tornado Preparedness Night with Tornado Helmet Safety alongside NOAA weather radio representatives, and local celebrity and meteorologist James Spann to better inform the public what to do in the event of a weather emergency.



Charity Work

My charity work includes but is not limited to: volunteering to feed the homeless, planting trees in Tuscaloosa to replace the ones lost in the tornado, volunteering to help senior citizens, heading up food drives to feed the needy. I helped coordinate and execute a fund-raiser to benefit a local sick child with Team Thomas J.



Jamie Godwin


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