Three Stories and Some Poems

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on December 20, 2016
I was lucky enough to purchase my copy straight from the author. She gave me a brief overview which sounded lovely. Excited, I told her, “I’ll read this over the weekend and let you know what I think. I am a fast reader; I’ll probably be finished by morning”. A week later, I finished it. I was impressed with the writing style and eloquence of phrasing. What took me so long to read 116 pages? I kept stumbling across little hidden gems which drew me deeper in thought, taking time to ponder each morsel I found which was hidden under the surface of the well-written autobiography. Exploring those just under the surface led me to find even more double meanings/hidden meanings which were buried even deeper still. I would read a selection, then have to re-read a few times. Not because I had difficulty comprehending, but because I was drawn back to quench my thirst for those wonderful surprises I kept uncovering.
I recommend anything by the author!




Telling Hands

I wrote and published my first book “Telling Hands” after looking back on my life growing up in the Deep South and seeing a story. Using my observant ‘moment-collector’ skills became important after a near fatal experience and memory loss.  It was only after examining my life closely and writing it all down did I realize my love for writing.  The book was basically written as a long letter to myself. I could see the beauty in it, clearly, so I decided to share it with the world. Many people have asked if I will write a sequel. I don’t know if I ever will. To me, I am living it.

“Can a woman ever truly reveal all her mysteries?”…….


More Than Nothing

“More Than Nothing” is a psychological thriller based in present day. Luke moved across the country looking for opportunity. Now, he has lived himself into a corner. Will Ella be the answer? Can she save him? In these uncertain times, no one knows the answer.

Note from the author:

William Wordsworth advises writers to fill their papers with the breathings of their heart. In the case of writing this psychological thriller, I had just come off the heels of reading Moises Naim’s bestseller “The End of Power” and studied over different reactions to the current state of the world. On first look, the book “More Than Nothing” has the appearance of being just another story, but the character’s within are representative of different sections of the population whom react to the same state of society in differing ways. Writing this novella was quite the observer’s experience.

“This was a wonderful novella! It had a great plot and left me longing for more!” -Heather


The Music of the Stars

Clair and Trent grew up together gazing at the California stars and were the best of friends. Life tried to separate them but fate had another plan. This love story written in the stars was inspired by Pink Floyd lyrics and an Einstein theory, giving it a magical quality seemingly spun out of stardust itself.

I hid some of my own thoughts about the physics and the string theory in this tale. I explain in the Paradox Blog, in three parts. Here’s the first: String Theory Part One

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